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Carbon and Nitrogen and Oxygen ... oh my! What do all of these cycles have in common? REAL TREES, of course!

Learn more about the biogeochemical cycles that enable REAL TREES to grow.

The "Classifieds"

If someone offered you a Pinus sylvestris would you want it? Check out how scientists classify and name trees!

Let's Eat

Where do REAL TREES and other green plants get the food they need to grow? Take a peek inside the food factory!

Home, Sweet Home

Do you know what a microhabitat is? What types of organisms would you expect to find on a REAL TREE operation? Find out here!

Stems and Rings

Have you ever wondered what a REAL TREE looks like on the inside? How it works? How old it is? You'll be able Check out this section for the answers!

A Year in the Life

REAL TREE growers aren't just busy during the holiday season. They work all year around to make sure their crop is healthy and ready for harvest. Check out the life of one REAL TREE family!


able to live and grow

Map It!
Ready for a challenge? Create a vocabulary map for the words you learn while reading about REAL TREES!

Map It!

REAL TREE growers consider trees to be adults when they produce viable seeds.

For some species, a
6-year-old tree can be considered an adult. For others, it take much longer - maybe over 20 years.

If you have some favorite books you'd like to share with other visitors to REAL TREES 4 Kids!, click here and tell us what they are!

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