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Conifer Class

Learn some of the ways scientists describe and classify trees. What makes a conifer a conifer? Check it out!

Trees on a Farm

There are many useful crops grown on farms. Did you know that trees were one of them?

Get Growing

Like all living things, REAL TREES grow in cycles. Where will you start to learn about the Real Tree cycle?

Tree Types

There are many species of REAL TREES. Can you find the species grown where you live?


What can you do with a holiday tree when the holidays are done? You might not believe your choices!

Hands ON!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Test your cultivating skills with this project!

Read ON!

Your local library is a great place to visit to learn more about trees. Look for these great titles there!

If you have some favorite books you'd like to share with other visitors to REAL TREES 4 Kids!, click here and tell us what they are!


A conifer is a needle-leaved or scale-leaved tree or shrub that produces cones.

Conifers are a type of plant called a gymnosperm.

a kind, variety, or type of organism

terminal buds:
the undeveloped shoot growing at the end of a stem, branch, or stalk

Trees grow from the top. Each spring new growth (height) is added from terminal buds that are located in the topmost parts of the tree.

Popcorn Wreaths

Sew popcorn, grapes, and pretzels on a pipe cleaner. Twist the ends to form a circle and hang on the tree.

Thanks to Linda Franz for this cool idea!

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